How do you make your artwork? What’s your process?

I am usually a one man art production studio.  Each piece is unique and poses new problems and techniques.  The Knowledge Object series uses a labor-intensive multi-step process I have developed over years to create the unique aesthetic I want to achieve. I patina and cut metals, build the wood panels and the under-structure, mix and apply the micro-grain cement, sand, apply paint and inks , sand and repeat, apply waxes and polish. I’m continually honing the technique to fit each piece.  

How do I buy an original Olson artwork?

Visit, call or email one of the galleries listed on the Galleries page.

Consider having a commission done, which I frequently create for clients with specific desires. 

Check the Events/News page for one of the future shows or fairs I may be doing in your area. Since my process is so time-consuming, the limited number of pieces I can create tend to sell quickly. I regularly produce a body of artwork for gallery exhibition and these galleries are the best places to find new work.

How does the Commission process work?

A commission is an original mixed media or acrylic painting that is created specifically for you. It may be similar to a piece I have already created but the size, colors and subject may be different. We will discuss your wishes and I’ll take a 50% deposit. It usually takes 8 to 12 weeks to complete. Typically, if you’re not satisfied, you are under no obligation to buy the finished product. This is Art, not science.

I find that some of my best pieces were done as commissions. I enjoy getting to know clients and can accommodate most special requests. The task of making a something specific for someone after getting to know his or her needs allows me to create very special work that really resonates.

My galleries are great to work with on commissioned pieces. Contact the Galleries or myself for your particular question.

Yes and No.  While Art is my primary focus, at the studios of Olson Art + Architecture I continue to do very select architectural projects on rare occasion. These projects tend to have passionate clients, need extremely creative artistic solutions and are utilize sustainable / green materials and design concepts.  Similar to my Art, my architectural designs are “of the land and of our time”; contemporary architecture rooted in traditional regional vernacular.
For more information, Contact me.

Do you still do Architectural work?

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